This is probably the only post that will be from THE Elder Christensen.

If you are reading this you probably know me and are close to me so I won't really describe myself...

But today is Sunday May 02, 2010. I get set apart tomorrow as a MISSIONARY for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 8:30 P.M. These last couple days have been a whirl-wind but I still have yet to fully grasp the concept of flying to Brazil Tuesday morning so I'm betting the coming days will just OWN me from the inside out as far as craziness goes. I am so excited to head off into the unknown, and am ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way. My mom and dad taught me right, and I am so thankful to you all of you that prepared me for getting this far. You all know who you are

Anyways the blog that follows will pretty much just be a post of Emails that are from me to my family and friends, and it will be a good way to see me progress through my mission first hand. Even if my emails aren't necessarily to you don't feel weird about reading them. I want as many people to share this experience with me as I can.

God be with all of you until we meet again. You'll need it while you don't have me to bestow my presence upon you. haha. I'll see you all in a couple years.


Send Me A Letter, I Miss You.

Elder Michael Scott Christensen
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R. Euzébio de Souza, 121
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Sep 27, 2010

Language barrier

So another transfer rolls by and I am staying in Vista Alegre. I will complete my 6 month mark here now, because It´s gonna happen this transfer. That concept just absolutely blows my mind. Especially since last week there was a decent level of people who can´t understand a word that I am saying. It was a humbling week as far as the language goes, because I can understand everyword everyone says, my comp can understand me perfectly, but people and I have a brick wall between us called ``the accent.´´ sometimes I´m fairly confident that my toungue was not meant to roll or make latin noises, but self pity never helped anyone so I just find ways to enjoy it when people are openly mocking me because they think I can´t understand them. It is pretty funny sometimes the things people will say in front of your face when you are foreign. But whatevsss

This week we had some pretty good thunderstorms. The thunder and lightning combo here is different. The thunder rolls really powerfully for like 15 or 20 seconds straight, and the lightning never strikes the ground. It like the clouds are just really angry. Also the lightning is pretty weird because it´s a really bright pink. I´m thinking that is because of the rediculous level of pollution, but who can really say. But early in the week we got stranded a few miles from home in a torrential downpour, and my companion didn´t bring his umbrella. So i gave him mine and just enjoyed the day soaked. It was fun because for the first time it was legitly large raindrops, none of that mist crap that it´s been making as of late. And as we were walking to our next comitment and crossing rivers in the middle of the street, I was thinking of how lucky it is that I have a name tag over my nip, because white clothing being soaked isn´t super modest. But then I saw the other side. so i just used my backpack straps to conceal that side. But then I realized my bellybutton was showing through and just gave up. It was good times and really refreshing.

The next day we were eating lunch at a members house that lives in the middle of no where, and had to walk a couple miles to a bank afterwords to get our money. The bank is really close to our chapel, so I thought, ``oh i´ll just use the bathroom in the chapel´´ and we left the members house. When I left the members house I didn´t really need to go that bad, but by the time we were getting close to the bank I was dying. In the bank I withdrew my money real fast and paced in circles waiting for my companion becuase if I stopped moving it was over. Luckily for me (sarcasm) his card wasn´t working. So I continued to pace... started to worry... started to panic... and made a break for the bathroom in the bank. The reason I was avoiding the bathroom in the bank, is because it´s a huge hassel. The bank has 2 sections, and one just has ATMs. The other is behing bulletproof glass and it´s like going through airport security, except with more guns. So i bust through there and asked a guard where the bathroom was. Seeing my panic, he pointed me in the right direction luckily and waived off the other guards, but told me I had to find the employee that has the keys to the bathroom. I have no idea why they have a locked bathroom, in a secured guarded room, but they do. So I am quickly running out of time untill I pee everywhere, and I find the guy with a key, but he´s on the phone. I just interrupter him and luckily he was a member. The next/last obstacle was the locked door. As I struggled with the key, I lose all hope and will to keep holding. My body began to rebel. and as the door to the bathroom opened I simultaneously wet myself. Pretty good timing if you ask me. The Irony of a clean toilet staring me in the face as I peed my pants 2 feet away just made me laugh. So we went back to the house on a crowded bus and I got to take 2 showers that day. what a blessing.

In an unrelated note I made the best pancakes ever. Syrup that I derived out of fresh coconut water, and pineapple inside the pancakes. Pina Coladaaaaaaaa pancakessssssssssssss!!!!!!!! It´s really good.

But yeah just that. Not to worry, we never talked to the macumba people. Everyone who knows me knows that I´m afraid of the dark, so dark magic is something I´ll avoid with certainty.

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