This is probably the only post that will be from THE Elder Christensen.

If you are reading this you probably know me and are close to me so I won't really describe myself...

But today is Sunday May 02, 2010. I get set apart tomorrow as a MISSIONARY for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 8:30 P.M. These last couple days have been a whirl-wind but I still have yet to fully grasp the concept of flying to Brazil Tuesday morning so I'm betting the coming days will just OWN me from the inside out as far as craziness goes. I am so excited to head off into the unknown, and am ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way. My mom and dad taught me right, and I am so thankful to you all of you that prepared me for getting this far. You all know who you are

Anyways the blog that follows will pretty much just be a post of Emails that are from me to my family and friends, and it will be a good way to see me progress through my mission first hand. Even if my emails aren't necessarily to you don't feel weird about reading them. I want as many people to share this experience with me as I can.

God be with all of you until we meet again. You'll need it while you don't have me to bestow my presence upon you. haha. I'll see you all in a couple years.


Send Me A Letter, I Miss You.

Elder Michael Scott Christensen
Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission
R. Euzébio de Souza, 121
Jardim Londrina
05638-100 São Paulo - SP

Oct 31, 2011

So today I realized that I am still pretty retarded. I bought this pull-up bar that like screws outwards into the wall and has rubber tips so that friction holds it up in like a doorframe or something, and I put it at the top of our stairs where the widest door is. Long story short I was just waiting for my comp to come out of the bathroom so I could go too, and I was hanging on the bar and next thing I know I was tumbling down this crazy looking flight of concrete stairs. Luckily I have been developing my ninja skills and I just rolled gracefully down (and around being that it was a spirally stair case) and ended up on my feet at the bottom. I did two complete somersaults. One forward, then one backward to get around the curve. SKILLS. Then my comp came running out of the bathroom to see what happened and just saw two flip flops and the pull up bar like sliding down the stairs but I was gone and he thought I died. funnny stuuuff.

The other day I had to read something out loud in english and I couldn't do it at a normal pace because my tongue was getting all mixed up in my mouth. So on Christmas when I call I hope you guys can understand me. Luckily I have been having american comps and we practice english together.

It seems like our plan to follow the prophet worked out super good (duh). All of the areas in our whole zone except for one are baptizing really regularly. It is funny though because it doesn't seem like it was our work that changed anything. We just have crazy experiences like everyday. This japanese dude named mitsu stopped some missionaries today and asked if we could baptise his family because he lives in my area. So I can't really take credit for any success because it is mostly just stuff like that. Another funny experience that happened this week was that we baptised this kid that has been in the ward since he was 12 and never baptised. We just visited him once to get to know him and see if he wanted to follow Jesus Christ and then 2 visits later he was baptised because he said that day he felt the spirit super strong and now he is determined to go on a mission before Christmas 2012. The bishop in our ward was way impressed but that is funny because the visit was like 10 minutes and I don't even remember what it was that we said. Basically I am pretty sure we said nothing but the spirit just helped the kid do the right thing. It is fun to be a small part of things like that.

Also we found in the church manual that we can't do candy competitions so we are EATING ALL OF IT.

Last night I randomly cried and I think it was partly because I thought for a second about going home. I don't want to make you guys feel bad, but I wouldn't mind 2 more years.

I got all of these crazy quotes out of the Miracle of Forgiveness that I read on my P-Days. But to some up all of them "whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." Like one thing that I am learning is that one of the reasons that I had minimal success for a long stretch was that I doubted a lot in the promises that have been given to missionaries and if they applied to me or not. But once you get in your head that that they apply to you and you just work knowing that everything really will work out good and that the Lord is really doing his part of preparing people for you to go finish preparing and help make covenants it can be pretty much a weekly experience. He has been trying our faith a lot, but I can say that my trust in him is getting a lot stronger as I see his promises to me work over and over and over again. Like to be honest, when I just randomly stop someone in the street and they tell me that they have been waiting their whole life to hear what we have to tell them it doesn't surprise me at all anymore because I was expecting it. God promised me that they were out there and that I would just have to find them. Who'd have guessed that God keeps his end of the bargain, huh? I guess even though I knew it technically I didn't have a lot of experience to base it off of untill my mission. I love him though. I feel a lot closer to him now than I did when I first got to the MTC.

Speaking of that, I don't recognize ANYONE on the mission anymore. They all look like they are 12 years old and are super scared. I can't believe that I was like that. But it is cool to seem them all get here and know what they are going to go through and how happy they will be soon. I feel like an ancient chinese sage on the mission full of all this old man wisdom.

but anyway I love you all


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