This is probably the only post that will be from THE Elder Christensen.

If you are reading this you probably know me and are close to me so I won't really describe myself...

But today is Sunday May 02, 2010. I get set apart tomorrow as a MISSIONARY for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 8:30 P.M. These last couple days have been a whirl-wind but I still have yet to fully grasp the concept of flying to Brazil Tuesday morning so I'm betting the coming days will just OWN me from the inside out as far as craziness goes. I am so excited to head off into the unknown, and am ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way. My mom and dad taught me right, and I am so thankful to you all of you that prepared me for getting this far. You all know who you are

Anyways the blog that follows will pretty much just be a post of Emails that are from me to my family and friends, and it will be a good way to see me progress through my mission first hand. Even if my emails aren't necessarily to you don't feel weird about reading them. I want as many people to share this experience with me as I can.

God be with all of you until we meet again. You'll need it while you don't have me to bestow my presence upon you. haha. I'll see you all in a couple years.


Send Me A Letter, I Miss You.

Elder Michael Scott Christensen
Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission
R. Euzébio de Souza, 121
Jardim Londrina
05638-100 São Paulo - SP

Jan 2, 2012

The last area‏

welllllllllll, I am in what is almost certainly my last area. Maybe not, but probably I will train my companion for 12 weeks and then get one more for 6 more weeks to finish it out.

The area seems cool. It is out in the woods which is a pretty nice releif. They have this horrible kind of music here called funk and you can't here it hardly ever out in the trees. It is nice. I am in a neighboorhood called "cidade ipava" and we have a few more neighboorhoods in our area called "parque do lago" "jardim aracati" "chácara florida" "Miami paulista" etc. see if you can find out more or less where it is on google maps or something. You'll see that we are right next to a huge man made lake. On the other side of the lake there is this park from the messianic religion where they believe that people are reincarnated into these carp and animals and stuff. Also it is pretty close to the formula 1 track at interlagos, so maybe I will get a train over there or something and check it out on a P-Day. or not....

My new companion is way cool. He is a convert of 1 year and 3 months and is about 20 years old from Natal, Rio Grande Do Norte. That looks like a beautiful place based on the pics that he's got. He is way funny and easy going too. So it basically the best deal ever. He is new in the church and just wants to learn, so I can pass everything that I have learned in my whole mission so far to him and he actually listens. Plus he is way easy going but works hard. Plus he's been making me some awesome cuscuz. So that is nice.

We are just going to try and tear it up here and help the biggest number of people that we can before we leave.

That is about it. man... I turn 22 this year...

Love you all... have a great week! Pray for me not to get trunky because it is getting tough already.

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